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    • Tough, Long-Lasting flexible Vinyl Cones
    • Easy to Stack, Carry and Store
    • Available in: 4", 6", 9" ,12" & 18" heights
    • 6" Single-mold cone now available.

    Item# 4129 (4"), 4125 (6"), 4125-2 (6" sm), 4171 (9") 4126 (12"), 4127 (18")

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    • Prints and displays finish times or finish times and split times
    • Stores 300 times in separate user defined blocks.
    • Fast action printing to 99 then starts over.
    • Large paper holder and external push button accessories available.
    • 3 year Seiko warranty.

    Note: if your display goes blank, its the battery inside the case, not the AA batteries. Open it and replace the watch battery.

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  • Overspeed Pacer
    • 17% less


    • Improve your speed with this revolutionary training device!
    • Can be used for both overspeed and resistance training.
    • Pulley system provides gradual buildup to enable assisted runner to gain top speed
    • Increase your stride rate and your stride length
    • Free Training Manual

    For overspeed training Simply adjust belt to a snug fit, then place swivel hook on Sprinter's belt. The pacer leads the way, having the rip-cord pass through the pulley at his back. Attach the shorter cord to a stationary object near the midway point of the chosen training distance. Designed for use up to 100 meters in training distance. Note: The lead Pacer runs at 50% speed, which enables the Sprinter to move at a rate greater than 100% of of their usual top speed. If done correctly, both the Pacer and the Sprinter will reach the desired training distance at the same time, causing the rope to release at its end.

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  • The Max Belt allows movement through a circuit of some or all 11 compatible training aids without the hassle of having to change belts. Outfit your athletes with a Max Belt beforehand and they can move from station to station with a simple snap-lock into the leads of the training equipment being used. Get the maximum benefit from your training time with the Max Belt.

    The Max Belt features a 3” wide padded heavy-duty Cordura nylon, reinforced stitching, multiple nylon attachment loops, and stainless steel hardware.

    Compatible with: Resistance Tether, Dual Resistance Tether, PowerMax Hip Flexor, Tire Tether, PowerMax VR Chute, PowerMax Sled, Sprint Start Sled, Dual Speed Trainer,Dynamic Trainer, Solo Speed Trainer and PowerMax Jumper.
    Small: 24"-32"
    Large: 32"-42"
    XL: 43"-52"

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  • Four 7" different colored sections Easily snap together for sport specific workout 28' in total length

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  • Description:

    • Light Weight (16lbs.) Design!
    • Add weight (not included) to increase resistance.

    Some assembly required.

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  • The PowerMax Push/Pull Sled is our answer to your needs for versatility and adjustability in speed training. This US made 11 gauge steel frame sled features a space-saving design that is less than 7” high when folded, replaceable/removable runners for use on a variety surfaces, and quick release pins for fast set-up and breakdown. The versatile sled accommodates all sizes of athletes with adjustable width push posts (12-21”W x 32”H) and multiple push/pull options. Sled holds up to 300lb on a post that is large enough to fit four 45lb bumper plates.

    Choose options in the selection list.

    PowerMax Push/Pull Sled Instructions PowerMax Push/Pull Sled Instructions
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    The Dashr electronic timing system is entirely wireless and is controlled by an Android/iOS based smart phone app. The modular design allows for endless combinations of electronic timing gates to perform the most standard events such as laps, the 10 or 40 yard dash, and pro-agility (shuttle run) to any number of custom training courses. More accessories will be added shortly, call us for parts if needed. 800-676-7463

    Standard Pro-Agility Kit: Includes: 1 timing gate (2 regular tripods, 1 laser module,1 reflector), Tests: Pro-Agility, T-test, Lane Agility, Lap, Custom Events - NOTE: THIS WILL NOT TIME A 40YD DASH, YOU NEED 2 GATES FOR THAT, SEE STANDARD DASH KIT BELOW.

    Standard Dash Kit: Includes: 2 timing gates (2 regular tripods, 2 mini tripods, 2 laser modules, 2 reflectors). Can have 2 single laser events at the same time (pro-agility, lap, etc.) Test: Dash, Pro-Agility, T-test, Lane Agility, Lap, Custom Events

    Standard Multi-Event Kit: Includes: 3 timing gates (4 regular tripods, 2 mini tripods, 3 laser modules, 3 reflectors, Allows for dash and pro-agility testing at the same time (a single laser event and a multi laser event) or a single 3 laser event. Tests: Dash, Dash with Split, Pro-Agility, T-test, Lane Agility, Lap, Custom Events. *Note: Flying 40 requires 2 more large tripods (additional $49.98)

    Standard Elite Kit: 4 timing gates, (4 regular tripods, 4 mini tripods, 4 laser modules, 4 reflectors)

    **Outdoor kits include the same components as standard kits but add Weight systems to stabilize tripods and Heat sheilds to cover the lasers. **

    This product requires an Android (API 21 or newer) or iOS (version 9.0 or newer) compatible device which is not included with this purchase.

    Dashr Product Delivered Damaged

    If you receive product that you believe is damaged in any way. Please email or call 844.44.DASHR and inform us of the issue within 7 days of recieving the product. We work hard to ensure you receive product of the highest quality and apologize if that is not the case. We will take correct the issue at no cost to you.

    Dashr Return Policy

    If you find that the Dashr timing system is not what your program was looking for you can return it within 31 days of receiving the Dashr product, just ship it back and a refund will be issued.*

    *Refund will be dependent on the state of the Dashr equipment when it is received. There is a non-refundable 15% restocking fee for all products once they are received. Damaged product will be prorated according to Dashr’s policies. Return shipping expenses are the responsibility of the person making the return.

    Dashr Product Warranty

    All Dashr Products have a one year limited warranty. This warranty covers equipment malfunctions that are not caused by over wear, drop damage, water damage, etc. Equipment that qualifies will be replaced and no cost to the user.



    User Manual


    Safety Instrucitons

    Dash Android Instructions

    Dash iOS Instructions

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  • Speed Jump Ropes
    • 25% less

    Blue handle-9’, bearings in handle to reduce drag.

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  • The Tire Tether can be used to drag tires of different sizes for varied workouts. Larger tires work strength while smaller tires work speed. Vary the time and distance of pulling sets. Includes nylon strap and hardware to attach tire, 3” wide hook & loop closure belt adjustable to 42” waist, carry bag, and instructions.

    Max Belt compatible.

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    • Ideal sled to add incremental resistance to your athletes
    • Easy Storage
    • Weighs less than 7lbs
    • Includes waist belt, nylon leads, carabiners, and sled
    • $136.00

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    • economical priced quality belt.
    • EVA foam is spread evenly throughout the belt to enable you to stay in and upright position while training.
    • Three sizes to ensure snug fit.

    Barbells sold separate, coming soon..

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