FiberSport Poles

Non carbon FiberSport Poles 10’ 11’ 11’6” 12’ 12’7” 13’  (“L” glass poles)

  • Perfect replacement for the poles of the past recently eliminated from the market place. examples; mystic, Sky-Pole, pacer III.
  • Easy to bend and easy on the vaulter's shoulders and arms.
  • Predicted soft side   Perfect grip size
  • smaller diameter than UCS and also lighter than ESSX carbon.
  • Responsive and durable pole perfect for High school jumpers
  • A pole that will allow your jumpers to time and capture the ride
  • When other poles seem too fast of recoil

FiberSport Hybrid Carbon high performance poles

  • Carbon blended with Glass to produce a hybrid stiffener
  • Light-weight, durable, and responsive
  • The perfect pole to allow the vaulter to time and catch the ride.
  • Predicted soft side and prebent curvature to allow the ease of bending.
  • FiberSport Hybrid Carbon Poles available in 13’ 13’7” 14’ 14’7” 15’ 15’7” 16’ and 16’7”
Items: 112 of 14, per page
Items: 112 of 14, per page