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Overspeed Pacer

Overspeed Pacer
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  • Improve your speed with this revolutionary training device!
  • Can be used for both overspeed and resistance training.
  • Pulley system provides gradual buildup to enable assisted runner to gain top speed
  • Increase your stride rate and your stride length
  • Free Training Manual

For overspeed training Simply adjust belt to a snug fit, then place swivel hook on Sprinter's belt. The pacer leads the way, having the rip-cord pass through the pulley at his back. Attach the shorter cord to a stationary object near the midway point of the chosen training distance. Designed for use up to 100 meters in training distance. Note: The lead Pacer runs at 50% speed, which enables the Sprinter to move at a rate greater than 100% of of their usual top speed. If done correctly, both the Pacer and the Sprinter will reach the desired training distance at the same time, causing the rope to release at its end.

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